5 Places to Visit in Valletta after the Malta 5D Show

January 20, 2017

You’ve just watched the Malta 5D show and you’re fascinated by Malta’s splendour and colourful history and eager to learn more.

You’re surely in the right place!

Valletta, Malta’s Capital City might be small but what it lacks in size it gives up for in beauty and character. After the Great Siege in 1565 the Knights of Malta were paranoid of another attack from the Turks and so decided to fortify the Scebberas Peninsula. These are just a couple of the marvellous buildings that resulted from the years the Knights spent there.

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St. Johns Co-Cathedral

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This was the order’s own church. Don’t let the exterior fool you, the interior is incredibly striking and will leave you awe-struck forever. Don’t forget to look up! The ceilings are covered in masterpieces by the one and only Mattia Preti.
Bonus: there is even a huge painting of John the Baptist by Caravaggio, one of his only signed works.
Dress appropriately for a house of worship, heels and flash photography are not permitted.

Grand Master’s Palace & Armoury

The interiors are the limelight of this place too, with tapestries and al frescos adorning the interiors. However, in view of major structural works currently being carried out at the Grand Master’s Palace, the Palace State Rooms will remain close until further notice. 
The Palace Armoury will be open until the 9th of January and between the 12th and the 20th of January 2017.
Visit the official Heritage Malta website to keep updated. It’s clear from the photo as to why we’ve still listed them. 

Upper Barakka Gardens

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The gardens are beautiful in their own right, despite that it is the view which steals the spotlight for this listing. A must visit for any tourist, entry is free and you’ll surely be spending quite alot appreciating the spectacular views of the Grand Harbour…some say the balcony offers the best view in Malta. That is for you to decide!

Lascaris War Rooms

As you’ll see in the Malta 5D show, Malta suffered dearly during the World War II. The War Rooms are made up of a series of underground tunnels and chambers which housed the British War’s headquarters from where they unleashed all defence and offensive operations. Everything was left as found after the war, making it an insightful, humbling but entertaining experience.

Get lost in the streets

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J.R.R. Tolkein said “Not all those who wander are lost”, so when in Valletta live by this saying. Vallettas streets are steeped in history and character, and you never know what you’re going to find around the corner.
Take time to adore the colourful traditional Maltese balconies, which you surely won’t see elsewhere overseas.